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CLE Courses

The Treasure Coast Justice Association offers Continuing Legal Education courses at its bi-monthly meetings. Courses are recorded and can be viewed On Demand for CLE Credit. Please contact TCJA at tctriallawyers@yahoo.com for CLE Credit information.

Being Relevant in Mobile World

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An Emmy nominated and Associated Press award winning TV journalist, Corey Saban’s media career encompassed interviews with the some of the world’s most respectable and recognizable figures. A virtual who’s who of newsmakers, from President’s to Pulitzer Prize winners.

An accomplished speaker and 15-year news veteran, Saban saw how the media landscape was changing with the use of video and co-created THELAW.TV.

Realizing that people search for information at all hours of the day, THE LAW.TV. helps attorneys build a relationship and provide an online connection. A Florida Bar member benefit, they provide firms with the most searched questions for their practice areas so they can educate and engage prospects via their web sites, social media and YouTube.

Video Coming Soon

Email tctriallawyers@yahoo.com for CLE Credit information.




Jennifer Cantrell's presentation goes through the What, When, Where and Why of settlement planning, using case examples to explain.

  • What types of cases require settlement planning?
  • When should you call a settlement planner?
  • Where to find a corporate trustee for a Special Needs Trust or Settlement Protection Trust?
  • Why will a settlement consultant benefit my practice?

Email tctriallawyers@yahoo.com for CLE Credit information.